Animal Press Release

Reggaetón Dominates 2018 Latin American Music Awards

Cuban Magazine Lists “Animal” as Top Anticipated Album Released Last Night from Reggaetón artist, Insurrecto

Miami, FL  10-25-18 – For Immediate Release – Matta Records is pleased to announce the release of a new album named “Animal,. from award-winning Cuban Reggaetón vocalist/rapper, Insurrecto, nephew of world-renowned Cuban singing star Celia Cruz”. The album contains a collaboration posthumously with Cruz on the song Kimbara.  The album combines the soul, sounds and beat of historical Cuban music with passionate, “in your face” rap lyrics that reference the new generation of Cuban music and life.

Insurrecto (aka Leandro Medina) released a number of top rated songs and was recognized by his fans and the Latin Music Industry as an incredible rapping talent (see what he does when asked to rap on the spot in this 2018 Telemundo TV Interview.). Insurrecto has won many awards including “Artista del Año” (Artist of the year) and “Canción del Año” (Song of the year) both in Cuba.

Since then Insurrecto has toured in over 15 countries and collaborated with many top Latin artists including “Juan Formell Y Los Van Van”, “El Micha,” “El Chacal,” “Gente de Zona,” “Kola Loka,” “Baby Lores”, and the “Buena Vista Social Club”.

Born in El Cerro (one of the 15 districts of Habana), Insurrecto has always been devoted to his Cuban roots and “My neighborhood is my truth, my laughter, my tears, my victory, my defeat – the social reality of my birthplace is the inspiration for my lyrics”.

Insurrecto is currently represented by Matta Records and produced by well-known Latino producers “Electronico” (aka Javier Ojeda, CEO of Matta Records) and JC Karo, both producers of top Latin artists including El Micha, Kola Loka and Baby Lores.

To preview Insurrecto’s new music, visit Matta Records and visit Insurrecto’s web page for more in-depth information or hear the whole album at Matta Record’s YouTube site.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact:

Emily Andros,, 832-732-5063.